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Drawing and calligraphy is my passion

Helena Krüger is the illustrator and behind Blecktorn Design.

“I’ve been drawing since I was a child and soon realized I could create products that decorate people’s special events in life”.

With a degree in Business and Economics, Helena decided to pursue the dream of working creatively.

Visit Helena’s website for illustration projects, mainly in the field of fashion and beauty.

Helena works and lives in Saltsjöbaden in Stockholm.

Different Options Depending on Your Budget

You can either choose to buy a finished design from the shop and just add your text and choose fonts. The other option is a custom-made design.  

“I create personal illustrations for your paper goods, design monograms, apply wax seals and more. Regarding printing methods can you choose between digital printing, letterpress, embossing and foling.”

The average customer spends around €1000-3000 per project.

Calligraphy for an artistic feel

Many people get genuinely happy when they receive a handwritten letter in the mailbox.

By adding decorative details with calligraphy you raise the expectations of your event and add an artistic feel to your paper goods.


For pick up and deliveries: Lärkvägen 13, 133 38 Saltsjöbaden, SWEDEN
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